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LiftWomenHour Combo

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RM 60.00
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RM 65.00
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RM 60.00

This collaboration product offers an exclusive high quality combo products from The Candle Hour and The Uploft that many Malaysian women enjoy having and using. To celebrate the day, we feel products need to be useful, colourful, beautiful and meaningful for women. Both founders are women and drives the same mission of emphasising women's equality and achievements.

This combo package includes:-

1 x TCH Single Cotton Wick Scented Candle 

choose between Serene Lavender or Frosty Dewberry

1 x The Uploft Silk Scrunchies (NOVA)

Silk scrunshies Info: TheUploft Silk Scrunchies are handcut and handsewn in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Why Silk Scrunchies? The Science behind Silk. Silk helps you to reduce hair breakage, tangling hair and it has low absorbtion rate. Therefore, all your expensive products won't go to waste. Do not settle for less, Switch to Silk.

Material: 100% Silk, 19 Momme

Size: Medium

Colour: Light Purple