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[TCH GIFT BOX] Student Kit

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This gift box serves a purpose as a gift to fellow students from ranges of age. Items included in the gift box are carefully chosen to help students to plan, reflect and improve their study journey without jeopardising mental health. Therefore, this gift box consists of de-stress colouring sheets and aromatherapy natural candles. 

Giftbox Items:-

1 x TCH Double Wick Scented Candle (burns up to 35 hours) 

4 x Student planner 

4 x Wall Deco (Set A or Set B) 

2 x De-stress Colouring sheets

1 x set of colour pencils 

Candles Info:
Material: 100% Soy Wax Candle
Size: +- 400 g
Burning Hour: Approx 30 - 35 hours+-
Suitable for: Room, Office, Living Hall, Medium-sized space.
Wick: Wood Wick or Cotton Wick
Comes with white box: 8cm x 8 cm x 10cm
Candle Jar dimension: 7.6cm x 8.5cm

Gift Box Dimension:
20cm x 20cm Kraft Box