The Hour Counselling-2

Welcome to The Hour. We offer professional counselling and psychological services by registered and qualified counsellors and therapist, and our practice are abided by the law of Counsellors of Malaysia (LKM). 

Counselling strives to give you understanding and insight into your issues as well as tools to help you make positive changes. Knowing you as a person may involve learning about your personal history, the symptoms you are going through, and the goals you have for seeing a counsellor. 

You will receive support and direction regarding your alternatives as you go through the counselling process. You will be treated with respect and dignity, and you are allowed to express your opinions and feelings in confidence. Our goal is to assist in enhancing your wellbeing and lessen the difficulties of the challenges you are dealing with.

At The Hour, we acknowledge the stigma associated with mental health and in going to therapy. For this reason, we know how crucial it is to provide therapy that is safe, empathetic, and unique to each person’s needs.

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